Mastodon talk music

Regarded as one of rock and metal’s contemporary elite, Atlanta quartet Mastodon have recently discussed song-writing and all things music.

In an interview with guitarist Bill Kelliher asserts that the band still has room for improvement. "We’re only ten years old now so I think the sky’s the limit with ideas. I think we still have a lot of good ideas in us and a lot of fire under our asses. We have a lot good things going for us so we definitely want to keep the band alive and keep charging forward."

Moreover, Kelliher also discusses the band’s musical score to upcoming film ‘Jonah Hex’. "We watched the film in segments and wrote stuff there and ad-libbed some stuff. But we gave them more than enough material to use," he told Ultimate Guitar.

Mastodon’s most recent album was last year’s critically acclaimed ‘Crack the Skye’.

You can read the full interview here.

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