Four Year Strong launch awesome preorders

Four Year Strong have launched the pre-orders for their upcoming album, Enemy of the World, which can be seen below. The album is set to be released on the 9th of March.

You’ve seen the awesome pre-sale packages for Enemy of the World that are taking place at and Glamour Kills. Maybe you’ve already ordered your copy. But maybe these pre-sale packages aren’t enough for some of you. T-shirt? PSSH. Poster? Who cares? Maybe you want something MORE from us. Consider this the platinum of pre-orders.

◦ $15 – Enemy of the World + Charlie Card with $1.70 balance (good for 1 ride on the T in Boston)

◦ $50 – FYS leaves a voicemail making fun of your boyfriend/girlfriend

◦ $100 – Autographed CD + FYS tour manager Josh Lovell will dress you up in Bloodlust merch and do your make up like a vampire.

◦ $200 – Conference call with the band to prank call Pete Wentz + signed CD with just the drummer’s signature

◦ $420- Smoke out the non-edge members of Four Year Strong

◦ $500 – Fly yourself out to Massachusetts and take Four Year Strong out to dinner + Old T-shirt that was used on merch display with duct tape stains. (18+ required or written permission from your parents.)

◦ $1000- Receive a thank you note from FYS saying "thanks for the 1000 bucks"

◦ $2000- If you have a secret/confession to make to someone, a member of FYS will come and break the news to whoever the news needs to be broken too. Not responsible for the outcome.

◦ $3000- get one of the 1st tshirts FYS ever made circa 2003, only one available.

◦ $5,000 – FYS flies you out to Worcester, MA. You have a sleep over with Josh Lyford, feed his dogs, then he will walk on your back. Following day, you will go to the turtle boy statue with Josh and take photos of you, Josh, and the statue of a boy banging a turtle. (18+ required or written permission from your parents.)

◦ $6000- Dan or Alan will come to your house and play guitar with you/ your band and help you write a song.

◦ $10,000 – You and 4 friends fly out to Massachusetts to go camping with Josh Lyford. Play Truth or Dare around the campfire + 1 free FYS sticker (1 sticker only, not 1 sticker per person). (18+ required or written permission from your parents.)

◦ $20,000 – A member of Four Year Strong shadows you at school for a day and does your homework for you. Eats dinner with you and your parents that night and tucks you into bed before he leaves.

◦ $30,000 – FYS is the A&R rep for your band. Your band will sign a 360 deal with I Surrender Records.

◦ $40,000 – Go on a 4 day, 3 night cruise with Four Year Strong. They rub you down with sun tan lotion (men only) + poster signed by FYS tech crew. (18+ required or written permission from your parents.)

◦ $50,000 – Receive an invitation to Dan’s wedding.

◦ $100,000 – FYS shaves their beards and send them to you with your copy of Enemy Of The World

◦ $ 1,000,000- FYS comes to your house with an entertainment system and watches The Craft with you and your friends. Together, you will light some candles, call the corners and "invoke the spirit". Have a full seance with candles, a ouija board, and talk to "the other side" for a couple hours. Then, eat some rice crispy treats.

◦ $10,000,000 – FYS breaks up and never speaks to each other again + FYS CD


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