Four Year Strong drop off A Day To Remember shows

It saddens me to bring you this news, but it looks as though Four Year Strong have dropped off the upcoming A Day To Remember Soundwave sideshows. On the show as well is Set Your Goals and This Is Hell.

According to the Soundwave twitter, "shitfucksonofabitch. As expected, FYS are now officially off the ADTR sidewave."

Check out the dates and venues.

12 Responses to “Four Year Strong drop off A Day To Remember shows”

  1. robhitt

    Hey, Just wanted to clear up the side show issues. FYS did NOT drop off these shows, the promoter over booked shows, none of the bands were made aware till after the fact whether they were on or off the shows. In fact, we’re still waiting to hear about what side shows we’re on. No fights, just promoter not having the right info for this.

  2. MissedChances

    @robhitt (9): I heard this also, i cant see why FYS would pull out of a show as they were generally stoked last time they played in aus. Also the bill was perfect from them.
    Agreed rob- poor management from everything i read.

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