The Wonder Years drummer quits

The Wonder Years drummer Mike Kennedy has announced he will be leaving the band in order to further his education. He will be replaced by Nick Steinborn.

The band posted the following statement:

"It is a sad day in Wonder World (which is the theme park we all live in, if you were wondering). Our beloved drummer Mike Kennedy will no longer be playing the drums. He explains it below. We’re going to miss our best friend. His last shows will the record release tour. It’s really hard for me to type this so I’m going to keep it short and let Kennedy say his piece. We do have a new drummer. His name is Nick Steinborn. He has been one of my best friends since the 8th grade and is by far one of the most talented people I’ve ever met. Aside from being a great drummer, he’s probably also better than the rest of us are at our respective instruments, as well. He’ll be starting with the Therefore I Am/Man Overboard tour so make him feel at home. Please come out to the record release shows and give Kennedy a proper send off. We’ll be offering a limited edition t-shirt [see below] in honor of the occasion. We’re going to sell it with a CD for only 12 dollars for the package. These will only be at the release shows. If there are any left, we’ll be burning them in a desert at midnight as they are an effigy of our loss. For a picture of the shirt and info on his last shows, see below. Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, all Kennedy, all the time."

responded by saying, "No bullshit, that is how Wonder Years handles everything. So, here it is.

This fall life presented me with a choice to make and I made it. I am leaving The Wonder Years because I decided to continue with my education and enroll in a graduate program in Washington D.C.. Josh, Casey, Soupy, MattBrasch and Mikey still are, and always will be, my best friends and my brothers. The Upsides is the record I always wanted to help write. There is no underlying bullshit or anything like that. I am just trying to live my life the best way I can, and that sadly means no more thunder deers for me.

On the upsides (lolz) the super awesome Nick Steinborn, previously of The Premier fame, will be replacing me on both drums and lackluster facial hair. I have been at practices with him and I gotta say, Wonder Years sounds better than ever. Give him a warm welcome this spring, he deserves it.

Also, to all of the people around the world who I have had the privilege to hang with and make memories with, thanks. I love you, and I will still be around. I am in no way settling down. Once I start my field work I should be on the road more than ever.

I just MattBrasch-ed out so hard. Damnit haha. These upcoming record release shows will be my last ever with the guys. If you can, please come out. I promise to cry like a 17 year old at a Have Heart show.

Thank you to everyone,


Michael Dominic Kennedy"

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