2009 Album Of The Year Poll: Results

Well it’s finally time to announce the top ten albums of 2009 as voted by you guys! It’s been a big month of voting and it wouldn’t be a top 10 without a few suprises. so without further ado, here are the winners…

Top 10 most voted for:

1. A Day To Remember – Homesick (6.98%)
2. Short Stack – Stack Is The New Black (5.01%)
3. Paramore – Brand New Eyes (4.20%)
4. Alexisonfire – Old Crows/Young Cardinals (4.17%)
5. All Time Low – Nothing Personal (2.97%)
6. Every Time I Die – New Junk Aesthetic (2.46%)
7. New Found Glory – Not Without A Fight (2.17%)
8. Break Even – The Bright Side (2.16%)
9. Set Your Goals – This Will Be The Death Of Us (2.03%)
10. Brand New – Daisy (1.68%)

Australian Top 10:

1. Short Stack – Stack Is The New Black (5.01%)
2. Break Even – The Bright Side (2.16%)
3. Closure In Moscow – First Temple (1.67%)
4. Confession – Cancer (1.26%)
5. Deez Nuts – Stay True (1.22%
6. Jack The Stripper – Black Annis (1.20%)
7. Kisschasy – Seizures (1.16%)
8. Karnivool – Sound Awake (0.87%)
9. We Are The Emergency – Seizure (0.86%)
10. Mourning Tide – Mourning Tide (0.68%)

KYS Staff Top 10:

1. Converge – Axe To Fall
2. Baroness – Blue Record
3. Behemoth – Evangelion
4. Polar Bear Club – Chasing Hamburg
5. Dead Kings – Dead Kings
6. Paramore – Brand New Eyes
7. Hopeless – Dear World
8. A Death In The Family – Small Town Stories
9. Every Time I Die – New Junk Aesthetic
10. Set Your Goals – This Will Be The Death Of Us

All our lucky prize winners will be announced this Wednesday so stay tuned for that!

What do you guys think, exactly how you thought it would be?

72 Responses to “2009 Album Of The Year Poll: Results”

  1. kathleenxvx

    I like that Dear World was in the staff’s top 10.
    & Content with the 10 most voted for as they are all good albums, minus Short Stack, as they are a waste of space. I’d just re-order it slightly.

  2. sime619

    kinda predictable, good to see Polar bear club get mention in staff top 10. Thought Gallows- Grey Britain would have ended up in there though.

  3. icecreamheadaches

    ADTR the most deserving for sure. (: I think this shows, you can have the most idiotic people sitting on their arses for ages trying to get to number one, but that still isn’t going to beat a solid, amazing album made by top notch, genuine, down to earth guys.

  4. Elan

    Shame about Short Stack being voted in by virtue of kids spamming it, but oh well. And while I liked Homesick I don’t think it was the best album to come out this year.Good call on the Staff Top 10 though, nice choices.

  5. IAmWhatYouBleed

    lawl. Short Stack a shit band. Bunch of retards trying to look hardcore and playing shitty pop music. Too bad all the litle weiner kids voted for them. I like the KYS Staff selection. Behemoth, Convegre and the like 🙂 I guess its good that A.D.T.R beat out Shit Stack, but i would have liked to see a better band win. Oh well.

  6. burchill712

    fuck you short stack. and your fans. waste of a fucking spot. would like to have seen evergreen terrace or august burns red in most voted.

  7. ATLauren

    how the fxck did short stack get #2?! stupid teenies. ADTR deserved it 🙂 at least that was good 😀 and AOF should’ve gotten a higher spot ABOVE short stack 😐 and why was there no TBS in there?!

  8. youmeatSAM

    it disappoints me that ppl actually like short stack, there a joke! an there number one for aus. thats fucked! the rest of the poll is fair decent.

  9. xRawrStephyy

    I’m glad A Day To Remember came first. ;D
    I wish Silverstein made it into the top 10 though. ;(
    Argh, Short Stack. D:

  10. James paik

    @Pappy182 (26): Opposed to the people that like good music and all the little teenies in Australia? What do you expect?

    We all know Short Stack are fucking shit, bar Craig -but his opinion is worthless anyway.

  11. iteeahh

    i have to admit wth with short stack? im a fan but wtf are they doing in the list, i didnt think anyone would vote for them tbh, i didnt even. 😐 wow.

  12. Atalanta

    Good to see Jack The Stripper make the list.

    Staff picks are probably the best.

    It’s nice to see Hopeless’ Dear World up there. Amazing release.

  13. goober0100

    Short Stack are sooooo bad. It makes me so angry to see bands like them winning awards and getting there songs played on the radio and getting in the way of real rock bands who’s songs actual mean something. They are not real musicians they are just retard teenagers that think they are awesome with their gay hair and their American singing. They should just give up on their miserable life’s and move on because if you were a real musician and had respect for music what so ever you wouldn’t like that stupid, gay band!

  14. Scott1234567890

    @bile and terror (1):
    You have got to be shitting me, Short Stack are the worst excuse for a band. They all wear more make up than a cross dresser.

  15. theacademyiscourtney

    adtr deserve that. so stoked they one. homesick’s suck a mad album, can’t wait to see them at soundwave.

    short stack are only up there cause everyone voted for them as a joke…

  16. GedVsTheWorld

    @Bengine_Clothing (32): thats because your 10 years old, if you love short stack and dont know a day to remember then quite obviously your a little pop music fag. Get some real music into you

  17. the fringe

    i wish we could see the results minus everyone who voted for shortstack cos dont forget the kids spamming got 5 votes they also voted for all time low and so on. but in the end i think a day to remember deserve it

  18. ArachnoJesus

    @bile and terror (1): uhh, kid, no it ain’t, A Day To Remember are better than Short Stack by far, the only reason that Short Stack are on that list is cause of desparate pimply faced teenage girls and creepy people with unbrushed hair fetishes voting for them numerous times, stop complaining, their music sucks, oh, and thank god Alexisonfire and Paramore are up there, haha, my brother is lead singer of Jack The Stripper,(#6 AUS) awesome

  19. marisaaaa104

    kinda disappointed that August Burns Red isn’t up there, but thank god A Day To Remember got top spot and not Short Stack. eew.

  20. alyce-keli

    The KYS staff had a good top 10, at least we know KYS still have decent taste in music.
    surprised Thursday’s album didnt make any of the lists.
    that was one of the best albums of the year.

  21. Piazza5428

    i hate short stack as much as anyone, and unfortunate to see that myspacing 14 year old girls spammed the shit out of the votes, but Short Gay? im sure we can do better than that… also A Gay to Remember? clever. But also, whilst it is an amazing album, in my opinion Homesick is not the #1 album :s

    Just sayen..

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