X Factor winner slams Rage Against The Machine

The winner of the British pop star reality show X-Factor has publicly slammed Rage Against The Machine. 18 year old Joe McElderry and RATM have been involved in a battle for the number Christmas #1spot on the U.K charts.

A Facebook campain was started by Jon and Tracy Morter in order to get Rage Against The Machine‘s “Killing In The Name Of” to the top stop, which worked. The band sold over 500,000 downloads of the song, beating McElderry‘s Miley Cyrus cover of “The Climb” by 50,000 copies.

McElderry revealed recently that he hadn’t even heard the song, but has since had a listen and had this to say about it…

“They can’t be serious! I had no idea what it sounded like. It’s dreadful and I hate it. How could anyone enjoy this? Can you imagine the grandmas hearing this over Christmas lunch? I wouldn’t buy it. It’s a nought out of ten from me. Simon Cowell wouldn’t like it. They wouldn’t get through to boot camp on ‘The X Factor’ – they’re just shouting.”

What a douche.

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  1. madmattock

    How can you have never heard ‘killing in the name of’? I bet he is the type of guy that says “Led Zeppelin? What song does he sing??”.

  2. wiseone

    I always wanted to hear this song. Wont bother now that its a nought out of ten and Simon Cowell wouldn’t like. Thanks McElderry for saving me 99 cents.

  3. dannyboy234

    Joe McElderry your a fucking joke mate. You wouldn’t know talent if i smack you in the face. All you are is a glorified karaoke singer mate you have no talent AT ALL and Simon Cowell can suck my left nut !

  4. drumrbaxj

    We all do know that RATM couldn’t actually care less about what anyone, much less an X-Factor winner, thinks, right? And that they probably think it’s both silly and ridiculous that this happened, right? And I’m willing to bet that Simon Cowell has more than a decent idea of who they are, and can see why they are so popular. AAAAAAAAND! Why “Killing In The Name”? Why’s that everyone’s favourite RATM song?

  5. Perseverance


    I think Killing in the Name is just their most popular but not neccesarily their favourite song.

    First album is amazing though. All the songs on there are so good. Know your enemy is probably my favourite off that album.

  6. stantos

    Fact of the matter is that Sony wins, they just double their xmas takings. It would have been good if the fans supported an independent.

  7. FireEscape

    lol pommy geezers.
    this kid will look back at this and be embarrassed as fuck when he grows up and realises whats going on. lololol at this geezer

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