Green Day The Musical gets reviewed

Green Day‘s ‘American Idiot‘ musical is currently being staged in the U.S, and Spin have posted a review of the show. It has been directed by Michael Mayer and features every song from ‘American Idiot‘ and some newer tracks too.


The review says:


"Mayer has added only the barest of plots to the conceptual muddle that was the original album: Jimmy leaves suburbia for the big city, falls in love, gets hooked on dope, hits rock bottom, and ultimately flees back home. One of his buddies goes to Iraq and loses a leg; the other is a loser who doesn’t go anywhere at all. The whole time a bank of TVs plays clips presumably depicting American idiocy: Slurpees and Twinkies at 7-11, night-vision bombing runs from the Middle East, Family Guy. It’s all supposed to represent the hollowness of the American dream, or how life sucks, or something.

The dialogue (what little there is) is all, "What the fuck?" this and "Motherfucker!" that—a 13-year-old Wicked fan’s idea of punk rebellion. And with tickets more expensive than seats at an actual Green Day show, there really doesn’t seem much point."


Green Day will be in Australia in December.

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