Thrice are bummed

Thrice shredder/pianist/all round good-guy Teppei Teranishi has opened up about his the leaking of his band’s most recent release, the awesome Beggars
Yeah it was a bummer but I feel like everything has worked out. It was a pretty stressful few days though. We basically had to reconfigure our entire plan to rollout the record (something that had been being planned months before hand) in just a few days. It certainly was very disrupting. I think the biggest bummer for me was that we spent a lot of time working with our buddy Nate on the artwork, but ended up having to change all the pictures out last minute, because we didn’t have time anymore for the proper clearances. We’re just as excited about the new pictures we got, but it was a bummer to have to tear down and start again. But that being said, we’re all super comfortable where we’re at now and I think we made the best of the situation. We’re really blessed to have really solid and loyal listeners, and the support everyone has shown has been really encouraging and humbling.
Check out some the new Thrice tunes over here

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