Four Year Strong pre order new album

I SURRENDER & SHOCK give you the chance to pre-order FOUR YEAR STRONG’s EXPLAINS IT ALL and get your copy signed by the band and have it delivered to your door for $19.95!
Pre-order your copy here.
FOUR YEAR STRONG turned heads in September 2007 with the release of their debut album, Rise or Die Trying.

EXPLAINS IT ALL is Four Year Strong’s tribute to their favourite songs of the 90’s.  To bring the project to life Four Year Strong entered the studio with produced Machine (Lamb Of God, Cobra Starship, Every Time I Die).

With Explains It All the bands has the opportunity to shine some insight on the songs that shaped their childhoods and inspired their career: “We always loved the 90s.  Pogs, bowl cuts, Goosebumps books, Airwalks, the movies, I could go on forever"

1. So Much For The Afterglow
2. Absolutely (Story Of A Girl)
3. Ironic
4. Bullet With Butterfly Wings
5. Semi-Charmed Life
6. Spiderwebs
7. Roll To Me
8. Fly
9. In Bloom
10. She Really Loved You
11. She’s So High

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