Thrice post album update

Thrice have revealed even more info about their forthcoming album, promising that it will be "more visceral and more raw". The new album is titled ‘Beggars‘ and is currently set for an October 13th release.

The band posted the following update:

"I’m really excited about this record. Beggars is more visceral and more raw – both in the songwriting and in the overall sound. It moves with a different energy than any of our past records. It was born out of us playing together in a room, almost as a backlash to the giant headgame that was The Alchemy Index.

With The Alchemy Index, I think we broadened the scope of what we can do as a band, and while the writing and recording of the four EPs was a great learning experience, it was definitely an arduous, and at times, fragmented process. Beggars was a chance for us to apply the things we’d learned and push ourselves to create something more cohesive. At the root of that, was the four of us getting back in our studio, focusing on jamming song ideas out until they felt right, letting ‘happy accidents’ happen, and building on the energy of the four of us being in the same room together playing live."

Beggars‘ tracklisting:

   1. All The World Is Mad
   2. The Weight
   3. Circles
   4. Doublespeak
   5. In Exile
   6. At The Last
   7. Wood & Wire
   8. Talking Through Glass
   9. The Great Exchange
  10. Beggars

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