Jona Weinhofen joins Bring Me The Horizon

Ex-I Killed The Prom Queen guitarist Jona Weinhofen‘s career has been well documented. From humble beginnings in Adelaide’s flagship metalcore band I Killed The Prom Queen to playing in OC metal outfit Bleeding Through and now onto UK poster boys Bring Me The Horizon.

Although Jona‘s departure from Bleeding Through may have come as a shock to most, he has wasted no time jumping back on the wagon. When asked by Blunt Magazine if quit Bleeding Through because of personal issues, Weinhofen said:

"No, none of it was personal at all. I still love all the guys and girl. It was more a personal thing for me in that I’d done my time in the band. I just started re-evaluating my life and my situation. I’d done two years and I wasn’t quite sure it was going somewhere I was comfortable spending the next few years dedicating my time to. I felt less involved than I had been in my previous bands, obviously, and after two years it still never felt like my thing. Prom Queen was a band that I started from the ground up, and I felt like I needed something like that again. I know that sounds hypocritical now that I’ve gone and done the exact same thing and joined Bring Me The Horizon, but this just came up out of nowhere. To tell the truth, I wasn’t sure I wanted to do this either. All this stuff was coming at me but I thought, “I can’t pass up an opportunity like this without even giving it a go,” so here I am. It’s still in the trial stages but it’s all pretty sweet so far."

And on the subject of an I Killed The Prom Queen reunion…

"I don’t want to confirm anything because everything is subject-to-change and everyone has their own things going on. JJ [Peters] has got Deez Nuts and now he’s got a new hip-hop group, Grips & Tonic, which are both booming. Kevin [Cameron]’s got In Trenches, which is taking off. I don’t know what Sean [Kennedy]’s doing. He was in Deez Nuts for a bit but now I think he’s decided to stop touring. [Michael] Crafter’s got god knows what going on. He runs or something? And now that I’ve got this Bring Me The Horizon thing, everyone schedules are pretty full-on. So we’d like to do continue to do stuff. At the time the band split we were in dire circumstances and it felt like something we needed to do to kick ourselves up the arse and give ourselves a reality check. Now that it’s been so long and we’ve done that last tour and the DVD and everything like that, we’re a bit wiser and we’ve got it in perspective. We know what we would want to achieve out of the band, rather than blow every cent we make in Australia trying to make it big all over the world, it just seems like something we could do as a part-time thing and just put or records and tour Australia every now and then and have fun with it, rather than take it so serious."

You can read the entire interview here.

12 Responses to “Jona Weinhofen joins Bring Me The Horizon”

  1. KezDaMuss

    Hmmm lil contradictive cause about 3 Months ago in Blunt he was saying of how much he felt included in Bleeding Through because they gave him creative space to work with and now he comes back and contradicts it???

    And he couldnt of picked a worse band to go too…..Do us a favour Jona and punch Oli Sykes in the Fucking Head

  2. ThisIsWhereMyHeartIs

    Jona with Bring Me The Horizon!? That’s Sweet!
    Ideally, he’d still be with I Killed The Prom Queen – cause they’re the best Aus band ever!!! but… if it he’s gotta be with either Bleeding Through or Bring Me The Horizon… then BMTH is the way to go, no questions.
    But… Fingers crossed that we’ll see IKTPQ together again…

    PS. Oli Sykes is mad! If you don’t like his voice, go back to your pop music!

  3. Anonymous

    wow, righto then. All 3 bands are tops. I don’t really give a shit what Oli says or does, he’s just a kid. It’ll be good for BMTH to have an elder statesman with a level head. Love to hear a new prom queen album

  4. Jona Weinhofen

    juggalo nailed it. i just want to be famous. ps your name is ‘juggalo’. this automatically means you dont get an opinion

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