Every Time I Die finish new album

Every Time I Die have finished recording their new album. The new album is titled ‘New Junk Aesthetic‘ and is expected to be released around September this year via Epitaph.

Guitarist Jordan Buckley posted the following blog:

"man i suck at blogging. i need to hire someone to take my key points and spin them in an interesting manner. for the last 20 minutes i have been trying to find an interesting way to say the following: (1) i have just completed about 15 of what i think are the best illustrations i have ever done in my entire life. (2) every time i die has just completed writing and recording 13 of what i think are the best songs we have ever made in our entire lives. (3) said drawings and songs will be released as one amazing product called "New Junk Aesthetic", this september. (4) i can’t show you any of the artwork until epitaph records says so. frowny face. now we just sit and wait. i’m gonna go apply for a job at my local lemonade stand. stay tuned for audio and/or optical previews."

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