Green Day post our review

Our review of Green Day‘s new album ‘21st Cenutry Breakdown‘ was posted on the bands official website here. Our review reads:

"It seems that many of Green Day’s detractor’s chose to focus on the “is it or isn’t it punk” argument, rather than acknowledging the ambitious musical and lyrical content that’s been put forth by this incredibly talented band. Set aside your notion of what Billie Joe, Mike and Tre SHOULD be playing and just enjoy the jams that they ARE committing to tape, because quite simply, 21st Century Breakdown will go down as one of our generation’s classic albums."

To read the full review click here. The bands new album ‘21st Century Breakdown‘ is out now.

13 Responses to “Green Day post our review”

  1. getlaidordielyin

    danny boy get a clue m8.
    didnt sell out to shit, when they signed to reprise and stopped playing gilman heaps they decided to be the biggest band in the world. i think theyve done that.

    and yeah gr8 review cam.

  2. CommandoBrando

    I’m with getlaid. I used to be one of the people saying that Green Day sold out but if you listen to their albums they are still great but much more musically ambitious. I’m not saying Green Day is amazing I’m just saying they’re a good band that worked hard to get where they are. Now that they actually gained the success they are using the momentum to explore their musical versatility and ability, which is what every band would do and does. Although I personally wish they would just be a bit more humble about it, they sound like pretentious assholes in their interviews.

  3. dannyboy234

    just face it dude they’re sellouts. Your just too gullible and stupid to realize. Get ya head out of billie joel’s ass and smell the roses dude

  4. THEgDolla

    good work getting the nod from their official site…but it doesnt change the fact that your wrong. 21st Century Breakdown is just American Idiot 2…recycled crap, sounds to me like they were on autopilot

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