Chuck Ragan completes new album

Chuck Ragan has completed work on his new full length, titled ‘Gold Country‘. The new album will be out on September 1st via Side One Dummy records.

Chuck posted the following update:

"Just before heading overseas I finished up the last of the mixing and mastering of a new record I’ve recorded at Flying Whale Studios up here where I live in Northern California. Bruce Wheelock who’s been the man behind the board engineering this record has done a brilliant job and I’ve been nothing but pleased to work with him. I’ve also had the pleasure of having some great friends come in to put their art and instrumented passion down to back me up.

I’m very proud to call this new record "Gold Country." Naming a project can be one of the hardest parts of the process. For me it always reveals itself when I just plain stop worrying about it. While overseas we were walking around Melbourne and a title started to make total sense to me. It considers the content and energy of which these songs were written, where they were written, where they were recorded and where everything I love and hold sacred is that I work and shove to get home to.

This is the first record that I’ve officially produced in full myself and so far I’m extremely proud of it!"

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