Every Time I Die announce album title

Every Time I Die have announced the title of their fifth album and first for Epitaph Records is "New Junk Aesthetic".

Guitarist Jordan Buckley posted the following message:

"There’s a pretty good chance that you’ll be finding a pile of brand new original drawings of mine all over New Junk Aesthetic, the fifth full length CD from Every Time I Die, and the first on Epitaph Records, makes sense, right?

I don’t think I could be more excited. Over the post month I have been making some lyrically influenced illustrations to coexist with the music, and it’s going better than I could have planned. The big wigs at Epitaph saw my doodles and confirmed that we are onto something big here, from all angles. This also explains my lack of updates: it’s not that I haven’t been drawing, it’s just that the drawings are top fucking secret! So since I won’t be able to give you anything new to look at for a while, I am forced to make my updates word based, located specifically at twitter.com/jordanetid."

"New Junk Aesthetic" will be released sometime this year.

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