Underoath on Avenged Sevenfold

Underoath shared their opinion on popular punk/glam metal act Avenged Sevenfold in the latest Metal Hammer magazine.

Guitarist Tim McTague explained:

"What’s popular, to a degree, is what pushed me to find something that isn’t popular for Underoath. Chiodos or Escape The Fate who do kind of the same thing – screaming and singing and whatever – do it their way, so we’re like, ‘let’s do it completely the opposite’ because we don’t want to be associated with them.

People might associate us with Avenged Sevenfold because they’re pissed Republicans and ‘so metal’, but they’re a gimmick, they’re a circus. They can’t play and they can’t write a song. What’s worse is the way they look.

If you need to have make-up and crappy names like Synyster Gates to sell records, then you shouldn’t be here. That’s not rock’n’roll to me. Arena rock maybe, but not real rock’n’roll. If you’re basing yourself on how cool you are or how many girls you can trick into thinking your band is cool you can just… take that home."

19 Responses to “Underoath on Avenged Sevenfold”

  1. dulla06

    avenged sevenfold are so much better than underoath
    they dont sell their records because of their ‘crappy’ names if anything that would deter people
    tim has got NOTHING on synyster

  2. lockie_Murders

    not really news… a7x are a circus, one of the best live shows around and at least they can back up what they write and not just sound like a bad noise like underoath. and they don’t have to say shit about other bands to gather popularity and controversy.

  3. ryan_042

    i agree with the whole ‘make up and crappy names and dress up’ thing, but the ‘they cant play or write a song’ bit is just a tad off

  4. juice-box

    for one..
    there still remains to be a split decision on whether avenged sevenfold is shit or not due to their recent album. I must admit, they do go a little overboard with the whole ‘glam-rock’ look when they are clearly a metal/punk band.. and the names are kind of strange..but it seems to be making them money, so why not continue it?
    and two
    underoath are for one, a totally different genre to avenged. so their opinion is kind of biased. plus they are christian.. i dont get how they can have tats though..i mean, in the bible it clearly says that tattoos are forbidden, so…looks like they’re kind of into the whole metal ‘image’ too then..i dont really give a shit, avenged can still play and write songs, as can underoath. the music is all that matters really.

  5. Damsel_Of_Darkness

    I don’t get it… who the fuck does Underoath think they are? Seriously, why do they feel the need to comment on another band, especially in such a negative way, when it’s just not necessary? They have a right to their opinions, of course, but putting down another band publicly is just completely unprofessional and petty. I can’t stand it when bands do this shit and all it suceeds in doing is making people like myself not respect them anymore. Pathetic.

  6. thisisthetake

    at least avenged dont try and push their personal opinions to everyone and give them lectures at every concert…

  7. Chrissay

    Everyone has their own opinion on bands
    Obviously this is Tim/Underoath’s
    Dont get shitty on them for what they think
    Everyone has that opinion about some bands

  8. johnny

    Total agreeance with him. It shouldnt be about the look and the fake names.
    It should just be, The fucking music!
    Look at Underoath. Great music and there are 2 red heads in the band, but that doesnt make them dye their hair. They still look ugly but play good music!

  9. PunkRawk101

    Wow gotta love controversy,Tims right-avenged have too many female fans who think there cool,but they ‘use’ to write good songs-apparently not anymore-self titled was a piece of self-indulgent shite,but Chiodos are the worst fucking band on the planet

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