Behind Crimson Eyes drummer quits

The following has been posted on the BCE myspace:

There comes a point in everyone’s life when the chips are down and you have to make a decision to either rise above the hardships and push forward or to bail out. For Kevin Orr, and now unfortunately, Cameron Gilmour they chose the latter. It’s a decision that we, the remaining members of Behind Crimson Eyes, cannot comprehend. We have invested our whole lives in this band and sacrificed money and normality for our passion in music. In return we have been given an opportunity to live our childhood dreams of touring Australia and the world, recording with an international label and ultimately sharing our music with thousands of adoring fans. It is something that Aaron, Garth and I feel is an amazing gift and that no matter the adversities we face, we would never turn our back on this or the fans that have supported us for the past 5 years.

It is extremely disappointing that 2 people that have also shared in those experiences, no longer feel the drive and passion that they once had for Behind Crimson Eyes. To see Kevin and Cameron pursuing other musical avenues and projects with such excitement so soon after leaving us is extremely disheartening. We only wish that they had that same enthusiasm for us, however you can’t force anyone to change their feelings and ultimately this is for the best.

We can now unequivocally say that every member of this band is 100% motivated and excited about the future and also the past, something which previously could not be said with conviction. Aaron, Garth and I wish Cam and Kevin the best in their endeavors. For us however, this is only the beginning of bigger and better things. We feel more united and driven than ever and will prove to the world that we will not fade quietly into the archives of history. We thank all of our fans that have been with us through the good times and bad and hope that you continue to support Behind Crimson Eyes as we will continue to support you all!

With this said however, we are grateful that Cameron will be joining us for one last tour commencing on the 1st of May in Adelaide and finishing up on the 23rd of May in Brisbane. Make sure you all come down to these shows to see him play one last time.

We are looking to replace Cameron (Drums) as soon as possible; however we will NOT be looking for a replacement for Kevin (Guitar). Ideally we would like to have a replacement for the upcoming Come Together Festival held in Sydney on Sunday the 7th of June.

Please email with details about yourself and a link to a youtube video with your audition. We want someone who is as equally motivated and enthusiastic as we are and that shares our vision. You must be able to play our back catalogue of music (most importantly material from “A Revelation for Despair”), and most notably songs ‘The Bonesman’, ‘Candy Cain and Pain’, and ‘Sex Lies and Homicide’. Someone who can be creative in a writing environment is essential. We look forward to hearing from you all.

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  1. All-We-Know182

    Aww that sucks guys 🙁 Im so sick of bands breaking up or members leaving right when they’re beginning to crack the music industry.. Grr.. I wish u guys the best. Take care xox

  2. KYS-Cam

    I heard it’s coz they weren’t down with BCE’s decision to support Guy Sebastian on the next tour… I’VE SAID TOO MUCH

  3. moif

    I reckon 5 years is a pretty good stint with a band. People change over time and when your in a band and have no control over when you can see your friends/family cause your on tour all the time gets pretty old after a while. Plus BCE suck.

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