Raised Fist to record new album

Swedish rock heavyweights Raised Fist have announced their plans to start recording a new album for Burning Heart Records in April this year. The band will team up with Daniel Bergstrand (In Flames, Meshuggah) and record at Studio Dug Out in Uppsala, Sweden.  

Formed in 1993, Raised Fist has become an established name within the heavy music scene over the years, and their one Australian tour was gretted with wild acclaim by sold-out crowds. The band has gained a legendary status within the hardcore scene, as well as earning huge respect within the metal community.  

Their fifth studio album, the follow up to their successful 2006’s ‘Sound Of The Republic’, is being approached with the same enthusiasm and balls-to-the-wall attitude as before: “Expect nothing more from us than a "fifth studio album"… let the music talk for itself” says frontman Alle Hagman. ”Raised Fist specialists, notorious critics and trendsetters all around the world will have their say. After that we go on tour and blast every one of them off their high horses…. just like every single time before”.  

After they finish recording the new album, the band will appear exclusively at three Top Summer Festivals in Scandinavia: Peace & Love, West Coast Riot in Sweden and Provinsirock in Finland. Their worldwide tour kicks off in early September ‘09.

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