Fozzy sign with Riot!

Riot Entertainment in Australia are proud to announce the signing of Fozzy to a world-wide deal for their upcoming album ‘Chasing The Grail’, the follow up to their critically acclaimed album ‘All That Remains.’  

Fozzy features WWE Superstar Chris Jericho on Vocals and his long term band mate Rich ‘The Duke’ Ward (Stuck Mojo) on guitar. Also along for the ride are bassist Sean Delson (Stuck Mojo), guitar virtuoso and Stuck Mojo guest player Mike Martin whilst Frank Fontsere returns on drums.

‘Chasing The Grail’ will be Fozzy’s 4th album. 

John Howarth: Riot CEO/Owner: "This is without a doubt one of the highlights of my life and my business career for Fozzy to be Riot’s first fully international signing. I have been working with Fozzy for quite a few years now, releasing ‘All That Remains’ in Australia and touring the band down here also. We built up a strong all round friendship. Now to have Chris and Rich ask me to become their record label is a total honour and privilege and something that is an exciting challenge. I have no doubt that this album will do well and truly break Fozzy as a major international artist. The early interest has been incredible and we are looking at going with the best partners the world over, be it partnerships with other labels or distributors, we are keen to talk to companies who see the potential. I am really looking forward to this album and for this to be the start of a long working relationship."

Chris Jericho: "I’m very excited to know that the new Fozzy record is going to be released by John Howarth and Riot. Riot was by far the biggest supporter of Fozzy’s last album ‘All That Remains" and did everything they could to spread the Fozzpel not only across Australia, but around the world as well.  As a result ATR was by far our most successful album to date. To make this partnership even more exciting is the fact that we have written the absolute best album that we have ever done. This album will see Fozzy reaching new heights and breaking down more barriers to show all fans of heavy rock and heavy metal exactly who we are as a band.  I guarantee that all of our fans will agree and be blown away and that all of our haters will hide their faces in shock when they realize that they were wrong about this band.  I’m so stoked to unleash these tunes upon the world and just as stoked to know that it will be the people at Riot who will be making it possible! 2009 is the year of the Fozz!"

Rich Ward: "It’s no secret that the record industry could be on the brink of becoming obsolete. Most bands have become disposable, trends now last less than 15 minutes, music is often acquired on-line for free, and albums can be made at home on $500 computers. With this in mind, the record companies that survive these extraordinary times will be the ones who conduct their business with integrity, honour, and a respect for their bands and their fans. I am honoured to announce my excitement in Fozzy’s new Worldwide partnership with a record company who embraces these ideals, Riot Entertainment. After partnering in Australia on Fozzy’s 2005 release ‘All That Remains’, Riot has

proven to be the only label I have worked with who exceeds my expectations in every way. With the band’s latest release, ‘Chasing The Grail,’ Fozzy and the Riot family will take the riff to the masses with horns held high."

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