The Seduction song download & 7-inch news

Hey Peoples.

We are writing a bunch of new material, some of which will appear on our new 7 inch EP, Black Cranes, Which will be mixed by the amazing Kurt Ballou (Converge/Doom Riders/MLIW/Hope Con/ETC…), and out in July/August on Trial & Error Records.

Until then we will be working on these songs to make sure they are the best that they can be, and to make sure the end result is as kick ass as we want it to be. There will be some guest Vocals on the record too.

During the time up until the record is out, we will be playing a couple shows in March and a couple in April, then taking a couple months off of playing shows to get us ready for touring in July/August. We have also put up our cover of Nirvana’s Tourettes for free download.

This is from the Betrayed Album sessions, and features Shane actually smashing his guitar at the end of the song (C’mon, it’s a Nirvana song, we had to keep in the spirit!) This song was going to be re-recorded for the 7 inch, but we like our new songs so much, we’re going to put an extra original song on instead of a cover. Listen to it,

Download it here, share it. Or don’t. Whatever.

Stay Rad. Craig, Shane, Rohan & Junior.

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