Behind Crimson Eyes guitarist quits

Longtime Behind Crimson Eyes guitarist Kevin Orr has decided to leave the band. Kevin posted the following statement:

"Hey dudes and dudetes!!

How do I start. This will be short and sweet.

I’ll just get to it and say I regret to inform the people who care that I am unable to continue playing in BCE. It has been a hard decision seeing as I consider the dudes in the band mybrothers but I just feel as if I can no longer put everything I haveinto the band like the rest of the guys are.

I’m not going to go into it anymore than that. I just want to say I have experienced a lot of cool shit and made so many friends that I will have for life so I’m stoked.

Iwant to also say a big thank you to everyone, the fans, the band;Cameron, Aaron, Garth Josh, management; Jaddan, Benny T, Michael Purchase, Lukel, and everyone at staple/ boomtown/ DAL, to Scotty and Dylan at premier, The crew at roadrunner; Jon, Hayley, Georgia, Ben,Bob, the dudes at Krew; Fred and Harry, Sam at Gallins guitars andbasically everyone who has helped me out over the years.. The listwould go forever.

This will not be the end of me making music or the other guyseither, I will forever play music for it is my life and there isnothing else I would rather do. So keep an eye out please. ☺

Anyways much love to everyone
Kevin Connor Orr"

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