Josh Freese talks about leaving Nine Inch Nails

Legendary session drummer Josh Freese (The Vandals, A Perfect Circle, Devo) has explained why he plans to leave Nine Inch Nails after their upcoming North American tour:

"Not that it’s THAT big of a deal or important compared to other real shit going on out there in the world, but I figured I’d take a minute out to explain anyhow. I know a few people are aware that I’m having my third child in January and basically… that about SUMS IT UP!

My kids need their Dad around and I want to be around for them. I am definitely not retiring or ‘done touring’ by any means though. I just need to be home a bit more next year. I am not leaving because I got a better offer from another band or because I don’t enjoy it… It’s one of my favorite situations I’ve ever been involved with and I already miss it (though we still have five more shows to play).

I’m a big believer in Trent Reznor and his music and feel fortunate and privileged to have had the chance to work alongside of him and be a part of what he does for the past three years. "

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