The Banner frontman forms new band

The Banner‘s Joey Southside has formed a new band called Wolve. He posted the following info:

"So as some of you obviously know already, I have started a new band. Well it’s been ‘started’ for awhile now but I’ve just recently started recording demos. The band is called Wolve and the first record/demo is being written by me and Will Putney (same dudes who wrote Frailty).

"No, The Banner isn’t breaking up, we’re probably not going to be touring anymore, but we’re not breaking up (we’ll have a new EP out middle of next year). Basically on Frailty there was a lot of more melodic and more out there stuff than the previous records, and though I think it’s perfect for the record Frailty, it’s definitely not something I want to do on another TB record. So The Banner will be going back to basics and Wolve will be where all the melody and more progressive shit goes."

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