Verse break edge

Seems that Verse are the latest band to "break edge" in 2008. Bass Player Chris Berg has posted on the Bridge9 boards:

So I play bass for Verse and about 2 weeks ago I decided that I no longer wanted to be straight edge so I made some changes in my life. This means that Verse is no longer a straight edge band and I’m not going to pretend like Verse was never a straight edge band because that would just be lame. If for some reason my personal life affects how you feel towards us as a band or me then I’m sorry you feel that way but it’s my life I’ll live it how I choose. As far as us still being a band, Verse will keep touring, writing records, and playing as much as we can. If for some reason anyone thinks that it’s stupid for us to continue being a band, that’s fine, I disagree but you also don’t have to come see us play anymore then.

As far as us being a straight edge band goes, yes we we’re but that’s not what the band was about. If all you ever got out of our music and lyrics is that straight edge is good then you completely missed the point of this band from the beginning. Like I said before, if you still like us and care, cool. If you don’t, also cool. I’ll keep playing music and hopefully people understand that Verse is a band about much more then straight edge. Hope this clears up all the questions being asked on this board.

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