Thrice double live album

Thrice are gearing up to release a 3-dsic CD/DVD live album titled ‘Live at The House of Blues‘ this December.

Live at The House of Blues‘ will feature two live cd’s plus a dvd of a show at the House Of Blues in May, 2008 as well as heaps of bonus material like interviews etc. 

The tracklisting is as follows:

   1.  The Lion & The Wolf
   2. Firebreather
   3. The Messenger
   4. Of Dust and Nations
   5. Digital Sea
   6. Flags of Dawn
   7. Burn The Fleet
   8. Open Water
   9. The Earth Isn’t Humming
  10. The Artist in the Ambulance
  11. Trust
  12. Cold Cash Colder Hearts
  13. Broken Lungs
  14. The Whaler
  15. All That’s Left
  16. Silhouette
  17. Come All You Weary
  18. Stare at the Sun
  19. Daedalus
  20. Don’t Tell and We Won’t Ask
  21. Hold Fast Hope
  22. For Miles
  23. Red Sky
  24. Deadbolt
  25. The Earth Will Shake

Live at The House of Blues‘  will be released on December 9th via Vagrant/Shock Records.

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