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 Press Release:

"Earlier this year, Trial And Error Records re-release of 2006’s These Cities, Our Graves and the band hit our shores twice to back it up. One of these tours consisted of supporting Parkway Drive all over Australia on their June 2008 tour. Throughout this period the band have been completing their new album We Are The Dead.

Taking a different approach Antagonist A.D‘s music and message could be described as ‘Modern hardcore with old school ethics’. It’s raw metal core at its purest and sincerest. Not watered down or compromised in anyway. Antagonist A.D delivers the frantic intensity of hardcore, while utilising a heavier edge. 
Lyrically the band speaks of the cancerous nature of western culture, the infectiousness of apathy, its symptoms & consequence, the exploitation of animals across the world, for pleasure, science, fashion or food. With topics ranging from social & political commentary to the brutally honest self-retrospect and analysis. Simply Antagonist A.D words are full of venom, conviction & passion.
They have built a loyal following over the years and with all the parts finally falling into place for their Sophomoric release Antagonist A.D are set to grab the Australian heavy music scene by the throat."

1. Twelve Twenty Two
2. Wolves & Cowards
3. No Regrets ?
4. Golden Years
5. This Gun
6. Beached
7. Twilight Years
8. We Are The Dead
9. Celebrity
10. Misery

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