Eternal Lord singer quits

Eternal Lord and vocalist Ed Butcher have parted ways. Some of you might remember that Ed joined a small band called I Killed The Prom Queen not too long ago, but quit after personal differences with the rest of the band. This is what Eternal Lord had to say:

“Eternal Lord have parted ways with our vocalist, enough said. Unfortunately though, this means we’ve had to cancel the upcoming shows we had booked, which sucks for us, you, the promoters, bands and anyone involved. We’re genuinely sorry to anyone we’ll have let down.

We’ll be at home for a while now as the search for a new frontman commences, but this will mean a bit more heads down, fingers out time for us to carry on work on our follow-up to ‘Blessed By This Nightmare,’ so hopefully some of you will be stoked about that!”

Rumour has it that Butcher quit the band so he could go on the next Big Brother to outdo his mentor Michael Crafter (Original IKTPQ Vocalist and d-grade internet celebrity).* Let’s hope not.


*May not be true.

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