Anthony Green posts update

Circa Survive frontman Anthony Green has posted the following update about his solo tour and joining up with the Circa Survive boys again…

“your set list ideas kick so much ass!!!— we are considering a lot of
options— songs like handshakes at sunrise and suspending disbelief
and other b-side kinda songs are the first things we are going to try
and work on- these shows will be an extremely unique experience for us
all, really hope you can join us- it makes me so happy to see more post
response —we need you in this time of transition more than ever- so
keep talking to us- telling us your ideas- your dreams- confessions-
anything you need from us we in turn will need back from you in one way
or another so, keep that in mind.

in a little more than twenty four hours ill be back in doylestown
after playing baltimore. ive got no words for how bumped i am to see
colin and steve and the rest of the circa house. ive missed the feeling
of belonging that i get when im with everyone – just being in the same
state even-haveing nick and Brendan on this tour has been invaluable to
both the live sound and our personal relationships-we feel so strong-
but i miss steve and colin sooooooo much—- i miss them all like
brothers and sisters,like mothers and fathers, like a pup misses the
pack, like a car empty misses gas, like a garden misses bees and the
sun. yesterday steve sent a few song ideas and i put some vocals to it
and sent it back to him- its really rough but its enough to get me all
fired up about these demos- once im home from this tour it’ll be so
much easier to expand on all these parts and ideas- not a minute goes
by that im not thinking of this next album—writing poetry for lyrics,
stuff on my guitar for song ideas , and listening — really
listening— not just to led zeppelin and feist, at the drive-in, peter
tosh, death cab, portugal da man, stuff like that but ive been immersed
in the songs steve has sent me as well as the countless songs colin has
architect all by himself playing every instrument, and trust me, there
is a lot of those. its so inspiring, and lucky me……… im in a fucking band with these dudes!!!!!


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