Norma Jean new album

Official Press Release:

Produced by Ross Robinson
(Slipknot, At The Drive-in, Korn), The Anti-Mother is the heaviest and most personal
album in Norma Jean‘s
arsenal and that’s saying something.

With their 2002 Solid State
Records debut, Bless The Martyr And Kiss The Child, Norma
established themselves as one of the noisiest and most adventurous
young bands in metal today. With the 2005 follow-up, O‚ God, The
, drummer Daniel Davison, bassist Jake Schultz, and guitarists
Chris Day and Scottie Henry welcomed new vocalist and Arkansas native Cory
Brandan to their lineup and took their artful, technical noise to the proverbial
next level, earning critical acclaim and a 2006 Grammy

Norma Jean has cut a path in metal music and continues
to push boundaries and push limits, on The Anti-Mother Norma Jean create a
symphony of discourse and chest pounding songs.  A perfect addition to an already
astonishing catalogue of music, The Anti-Mother once again shows why Norma Jean are the
leader in the genre they helped to create.

The AntiMother is out on August 16th through Stomp

5 Responses to “Norma Jean new album”

  1. dynig

    Why are people continually using the word ‘Discourse’ with Norma Jean. The two concepts don’t match up at all. ‘Dischord’ maybe…

  2. B Friendly

    “continually”?… do you sit around and read norma jean reviews with a highlighter and dictionary all day? someone call the grammer police, we got a live one!

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