Senses Fail New Album Date

A fan report posted on has reported :

“During Senses Fail’s set at their free show in Ashburn, Va yesterday, they announced that their new album would be released on September 23rd.”

I honestly think this is going to be a welcome release for everyone on my train ride to work.  Some new songs is just what I need to stop this protest and have them welcome me back as the crazy guy who sings and plays air guitar on the train.

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  1. boxhead

    hahaha if you mean came out with my love of senses fail, I was never “in”… But there response was it’s ok we still love you either way… but don’t quote me on that one.

  2. boxhead

    Oh Kelly… I think you might be experiencing some from of delusions from the repressed emotions of pain felt during your knee reconstruction. I do hope you can seek help soon before this gets to the point were I loose hold of my journalist integrity and out the scandalous pictures I’ve been holding of yourself and the… well we both know what there of.

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