Underoath live CD/DVD

Christian black metal band Underoath are set to release a live CD/DVD titled ‘Survive, Kaleidoscope‘. It will be out on May 27th through Tooth And Nail.  

Survive, Kaleidoscope track listing:

1. In Regards To Myself

2. A Moment Suspended In Time

3. You’re Ever So Inviting

4. Returning Empty Handed

5. Casting Such A Thin Shadow

6. Moving For The Sake Of Motion

7. Writing On The Walls

8. Everyone Looks So Good From Here

9. To Whom It May Concern

10. A Boy Brushed Red Living In Black And White

11. It’s Dangerous Business

12. Young And Aspiring

10 Responses to “Underoath live CD/DVD”

  1. lysha

    black metal…? too many genres, making my head hurt!!
    and i agree the last dvd was a bit disappointing, it left me wanting more… and what was with that weird hidden feature that was a drunk guy telling a story about aliens that led nowhere…?

  2. thegetawaydan

    hahaha christian black metal.

    gosh guys. try just putting hardcore. or christian metal.

    keep it simple.

  3. Jacob G-Man v2

    i thought 2008 was the year with no internet sarcasm.

    well at least thats what i heard on the internet

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