Thrice: The Alchemy Index: Vols. III & IV – Earth & Air

Thrice prepare to release the second instalment of The Alchemy Index on April 12th through Vangrant/Shock Records.

Titled ‘The Alchemy Index: Vols.  III & IV – Earth & Air‘, the new album will onvce again feature two discs with different themes.

Singer/guitarist Dustin Kensrue said, “Earth was defined in the sense that we knew we wanted it very stripped down, with few electrified instruments or full drums.  We recorded almost all of it in an empty wood floored room, as opposed to the studio where the rest of the record was done.  It was done much quicker than the rest of the records and was very informal.”

Guitarist Teppei Teranishi added, “The Air disc is almost like a conglomeration of all four EP’s.  While the rest of the records are pretty intentional and focused as far as their instrumentation and dynamics, the Air disc seems to be a bit more all over the place.  There’s stuff on there that’s super stripped down, just acoustic guitar and singing, there’s a song that’s fully electronic, there’s more traditional rock stuff (guitar, bass, drums), and there’s even some more use of horns. Finding what made something work for Air was somewhat more elusive, and that ended up being a defining factor in the final choice of songs for that record.”

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