Converge post update

Converge have posted the following update about their future plans:

“As most of you know, all of us hate sitting still. Though we are not touring right now (as life needs us at home) all of us are keeping busy with a variety of projects

[Kurt Ballou] has been engineering up a storm at Godcity Studios.He is also working w/ Jake on his “Wear Your Wounds” album, due out on Deathwish in early 2K8. Lastly, Hydrahead will soon be reissuing material from The Hugeunots, a band that Kurt played in in the mid 90’s w/ members of The Explosion and Piebald.

Nate has been playing shows with Doomriders (including some w/ Danzig). Doomriders are also currently writing and recording new material as well.

Jake has been working on his “Wear Your Wounds” album w/ Kurt at Godcity. Also he’s been busy w/ all things Deathwish/Malfunction.”

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