Rise Against talks about new album

In a recent interview with Life In A Bungalo Digest, Rise Against’s Joe Principe revealed some info about the bands follow up to 2006’s ‘The Sufferer And The Witness’…

“We are going to do a new record in 2008 and tour in the fall, and when we go out we are really going to explore every avenue of every aspect of our show and see what we can do to cut back and save energy. Those lights definitely use a ton of energy.

We would like to have a new record out next summer. Everything could change, but that’s the plan right now. Tim and I write individually while on tour and we will eventually show each other our ideas during soundcheck. All we need is a good two months to work out all the kinks, but we are always writing.”

Read the entire intverview HERE.

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  1. punk_rawker

    Yeh rise against should be headlining. Is it worth spending 70 bucks to go to taste of chaos to see rise against (ive seen em twice already) and aiden ( a guitly pleasure of mine). Rise against would be in the top 5 of my favourite bands

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