Every Time I Die post new song

Every Time I Die have posted a new track on their Myspace Page HERE. The song is titled “Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Battery” and is lifted off their upcoming album “The Big Dirty”, due out on September 4th via Ferret Music.

According to the press release, this song “has everything that the band has become notorious for wrapped into one two-minute-and-thirty-second keg stand of ass-kicking fuck-all. From the scathing self-indictment of the lyrics, through the involuntary tweak-out inducing riffs, all the way to the no permanent bass playerness of the band itself, ‘Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Battery’ is what EVERY TIME I DIE does best — not give a shit about what you expect from them. If there was a middle finger that had a sharp point at the end and was about six feet in height, this song would take that finger like a flagpole, tie a flag to the end of it that had another middle finger on it (but smaller, obviously and not necessarily the same middle finger) and stick it in the uncharted terrain of brazen self-awareness — a paradise which countless other bands have tried to recreate on stage, but failed at miserably.”

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