August Burns Red stream entitre new album:

August Burns Red will be streaming their entire new album “Messengers” at from June 19th – June 22nd. The album is to be released on June 19th through Solid State Records.

In a press release it was described as “more than just a collection of 11 raging metal songs that ravage the ears of their listeners with technical skill and immense passion. The record is, in fact, not only a musical collaboration, but also a lyrical one, where every member of the band contributed to the lyrical content with their own thoughts, ideas and messages. Hence the record’s intriguing title.”

Guitarist JB Brubaker commented on the new album, saying:

We all contributed to the lyrics on this one whereas on ‘Thrill Seeker’ our singer did all the writing. We all offered different ideas. Each of us wrote a set of lyrics and we’d pick a song we thought they’d fit with. It was a collaboration rather than one person.

I think we wanted to continue with what our style is — stay in our niche — but expand upon it. It’s two years after our last record so we’re obviously going to be better at our instruments and more mature as songwriters. So to me it’s a natural progression from our album before.”

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