Atreyu releases new song…kind of

Those crazy makeup-wearing trannys in Atreyu have released a new song off their forthcoming Hollywood Records debut. It’s not going to be that simple to listen to though. They have created a puzzle of sorts that you have to assemble before you can check it out.

Once you have completed the puzzle, your time will be entered into a competition to win prizes which include an autographed guitar and a copy of the album before it hits stores (and bargain bins accross Australia). The track is called “Becoming the Bull” and will be featured on the bands new album which is expected to be out in August.

Check out the game HERE.

Alternatively, go and listen to Twisted Sister. Those chicks do that kind of music so much better.  

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  1. allshallperish

    You win a phone clal from the band ?


    its worth winning it just to tell them to get fucked on the phone

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