Arch Enemy finish recording

Century Media Records have issued the following press release:

Arch Enemy has completed the recording process for the much-anticipated follow-up to 2005’s Doomsday Machine, the band’s most successful album to date. They have once again enlisted the duties of acclaimed producer Fredrik Nordström (Dimmu Borgir, In Flames) at Sweden’s Studio Fredman, where the band recorded all of their albums through Wages Of Sin (2001).

Angela Gossow (vocals) checks in with the following report: “Hells yeah, I am done with my vocals! I recorded 14 songs in total, faster then ever. Plenty of first takes, hardly any double vocals, just straight up into the microphone. I experimented quite a bit with doubling vocal lines on the last album, which I now feel kind of took personality and vocal attack away. So this time it’s the classic, one vocal track, no frills and no effects approach. Click the link to see me in action.

“I put a lot of work and emotions into the lyrics, some of them actually made me cry, most of them made me very, very angry. They deal with the pain and the loss we cause each other. To balance these gloomy themes out, we managed to write some lyrics in the vein of ‘We Will Rise’ – you know, FIGHT songs! There is not only suffering and injustice in this world, but also hope, love and friendship. Nevertheless, this album will crush you and the vocals are mean all the way. No whining and no wailing. Some song titles; ‘Blood Is On Your Hands’, ‘Vultures’ and ‘In This Shallow Grave’.

“I enjoyed recording at the new Studio Fredman in the village of Hyssna. Fredrik (Nordström, producer) managed to set me a killer vocal sound, but Michael tracked and produced all my vocals. I recorded in the evenings and late at night, when the guys were done with their instrumental parts.

“We will start mixing the album very soon. Niklas Sundin (Cabin Fever Media) is working on very cool artwork for this album. I believe we have also agreed on the album title. Stay tuned for more news. Pure fucking metal.”

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