New Propagandhi album in the works

Propagandhi have posted the following statement on their official site:

A stoked Jordy-Boy Samolesky has just left my crib, tape in one hand, drum practice pad in the other. The Propagandhi machine has had it’s wheels and cogs well oiled and is ready for the next musical adventure! It’s going to be a good one! There are some wicked riffs flying back and forth. I am really excited.The next record is going to be a really good ‘ern! It will not take as long as usual as well. We have a new lease on life and are organized in such a way that the tunes will be hitting your ears sooner than later!

So that’s that! I would like to say two things now. SNFU (Better Than A Stick In The Eye, In the Meantime and In Between Time, and If You Swear You Will Catch No fish!) are still the creators of the best 3 punk records ever. And, secondly, I can’t believe how many angry people have emailed us about the post Chris made about some movie a few weeks ago. haha.. whoo whoo..hahaha…No wonder he loves doing that.

Skritch cleans stinks in salt water.

(The Rod)

Propagandhi’s first ever DVD, titled “Live From Occupied Territory”, is set for a April 27 release. The band plans to donate proceeds from the effort to a pair of nonprofit organizations.

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