CKY Frontman: “Slayer Is A Bullsh*t Band…”

As posted on the Roadrunner Records website:

In the “Ask CKY”section of CKY‘s official web site, CKY guitarist/vocalist Deron Miller was asked by a fan for his opinion on the “baffling” fact that SLAYER frontman Tom Araya can be a devout Christian and still write/sing SLAYER‘s music which regularly bashes religion. “SLAYER is bullshit,” Deron replied. “Somehow they became the ‘scariest and fastest’ metal band that everyone is aware of. Little does anyone know that SLAYER is far from being the fastest, heaviest, brutalist, and most talented extreme band. Back in the day they were extreme, but now they’re just a parody of themselves. Everyone always yells ‘SLAYER!!!’ at concerts because they think that’s the first band you need to know if you’re trying to be an extreme metalhead, as if SLAYER is underground and they know something no one else does. Everyone knows SLAYER and has heard them. Truth is, I always thought SLAYER sucked. I somehow ended up owning all of their albums (I guess buying them to see what all the fuss was about) and the only songs I like from them aren’t even them. They’re MALEVOLENT CREATION‘s covers of ‘Raining Blood’ and ‘Piece by Piece’. I will never know why they’re credited for pushing the metal envelope.

“I didnt know Araya went Christian. A lot of those metal guys get old and forget what their jobs are and how to do them. They get confused because they have all the money and they lost the passion years ago. So they go to God, or whatever is out of character for them. The music becomes unimportant.

SLAYER always followed trends (like doing punk cover albums, UGH!!!!, and nu-metal, like ‘Diabolica in Musica’, or whatever it’s called).

“If you think SLAYER is extreme, put them up against bands like MALEVOLENT CREATION or GORGUTS and you’ll discover that both of those bands kick SLAYER‘s ass.

“I know im going to get a bunch of hate responses from this, but Jesus Christ do I hate SLAYER. This is just my opinion. I don’t know any of the SLAYER guys personally… they may be really cool, but winning Grammies is definitely not cool if you’re supposed to be a threatening thrash band.”

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