Sharon Osbourne says she still ‘gets hit on’

World Entertainment News Network  has reported that Sharon Osbourne (Ozzy Osbourne’s wife/manager) was once hit on by some old rocker who wanted to piss Ozzy off by sleeping with her.  The 54-year-old fox (vomit) said she wasn’t flattered because she knew he was only attracted to her because of her husband’s standing in the music industry. She said “”A lot of older musicians like to have a list of other musicians’ wives who they’ve shagged. This particular guy said to me, ‘I want to know what it’s like to shag Ozzy Osbourne‘s wife.’ “I said, ‘Well, you ain’t ever going to find out, baby. See ya!'”.

Hey whatever you fuckin’ old prune. Wait, this guy that was hitting on you, was he green and ‘prickly’? Are you sure you are not losing your eye sight and it was just a cactus you were talking too?

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