Ex- Sum 41 Guitarist’s new Metal Band

Ex- Sum 41 guitarist Dave “Brownsound” Baksh and his new rock/metal band Brown Brigade have issued the following update:

“We’ve had a lot of people asking us, ‘What have you guys been up to? What are you doing now? When are you gonna put out more than three freakin’ songs that I gotta order a t-shirt to get?”

“Well, if you want more BROWN BRIGADE, it’s coming! Since the tour we’ve been practicing for the studio and as of about two weeks ago we entered Bluesound to start work on our first full-length. It’s been great so far and only seems to get more ‘funner’ every day!”

“What can I tell you about the album? Will it sound better than [the debut BROWN BRIGADE three-song CD] ‘Appetizer for Destruction’? Totally. ‘Appetizer’ was recorded in a cement basement — very lo-fi — which is how we wanted it. Will it be heavy? We’re into playing around with a lot of styles, but this album will be basically a hard rock/metal album (with a few curveballs). Who’s singing? Dave for the most part. Our MC will appear on a couple of tracks as well. When will it be out? Don’t want to say for sure until we know; let’s just say we’re itching to get back out on tour to support the album. We won’t hold onto it for 10 years and call it ‘Guyanese Democracy’.”

Brown Brigade recently struck a deal with Aquarius Records. Their current touring lineup consists of Craig “The Craigulator” Pattison (guitar), Johnny “No-Triggers” Owens (drums), Ienni-Mon (back-up percussion) and Cess Rock (vocals). For more info go to their myspace page www.myspace.com/brownbrigade.

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