Darkest Hour to hit the studio

Lifted from Darkest Hour’s official website, they had the following to say about their new album:

“Hey Y’all all is good from the underground bunker where DH is riffing out our new songs. We have 9 songs (thats a full album dudes!) and we will definitely have a few extra tracks that will be floating around after the record is recorded to so we hope to have some special releases in the works as well. We are off in less then a month to start preproduction with Devin and we couldnt be more stoked with how the songs are coming out. Think more melodic, more extream, more insane, more circle pit, I mean just think more awesome man! Also our summer plans are in the works and we will be keeping you guys up to date as soon as we get an ok from the big man that we can announce that info!”

The group are scheduled to enter a Vancouver, BC area studio in late February with Devin Townsend of Strapping Young Lad, etc. fame once again producing. A summer release through Victory is expected.

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