MANOWAR – Girls, girls, girls!

According to their website, Manowar has scheduled release parties for their upcoming record “Gods Of War” in 10 German cities around February and is looking for girls to be part of the “Manowar party crew”(Natch). If you are interested you need to do the following:

* Dance to a MANOWAR song, videotape it, and upload your video on or send it via mail to:

Circle Song Music

“Be a Manowar Girl”

Theodorstr. 41 b-z, Haus P

22761 Hamburg

* Length: 30-40 seconds

* Deadline: February 9

The best female dancers will be invited to a MANOWAR release party in Germany “to put all metalheads into a good vibe!” And on top of that, they will also win a “mega MANOWAR package with cool merchandise.” Additionally, the top three entries will win a backstage pass for a MANOWAR concert in Germany during their “Demons, Dragons and Warriors Tour” in March.

Firstly, I would like to encourage all women to enter this competition. What will probably be labeled “The greatest competition in the land” in years to come, it is sure to make competition history. What Manowar is doing is giving hope to men and women all over the world. They are making a statement! They are saying “We are Manowar! We are real metal people! Now lets give some chicks free shit to come to Germany with us.” 

For more info go and check out

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