New Megadeth album is ‘’Fast, Heavy, Melodic, And Controversial’

Megadeth main man Dave Mustiane has posted the following message on the bands official forum:

“Let me first say that I have had the most enjoyable experience with Andy Sneap here finishing the record; I can’t remember when I had such a pleasant time making a record. It is fast, heavy, melodic, and, of course, controversial, as well as hooky with some unexpected twists. Thanks to all of the engineers on this record; Lance, Jeff, Kieran, Ken, Chase, Andy, and whoever I may have forgotten. Thanks to the co-producers Jeff and Andy, and the studios Sarn Hook End, the Steak House, Big Fish, and Backstage Productions.

“And then there is my partner Glen Drover [guitar], who is without a doubt going to make many people forget some, if not all of the previous guitarists. Of course I know there are people who love the past and choose to live in it. I do not.

“I hear my bassist James Lomenzo and my drummer Shawn Drover playing and it puts a smile on the inside of me for the first time in years. We all can smile on the outside, but the project has satisfied me, and I am completely content deep inside.

“This day will be a day that 10 people [from the MegaFanClub] will hopefully remember forever. I know I will, and soon you will hear from them. When they feel like sharing with you their sentiments on the new material they will, and they have my benefaction to do so.

“I loved seeing all of them; I knew most, but loved them all. So, it is now up to the people that won, who are MegaFanClub members, to determine what, if anything they are going to share with the others who are not.

“I am getting ready to play the last two solos on this record. At that point it will be up to the powers that be to see if we have delivered another masterpiece to you, or if I go get corn rows, and start lip-synching.

“The songs we played today were:


United Abominations

Burnt Ice

Never Walk Alone


“I am working on the last vocal on ‘*** ****** **** *****’, and will do a solo on ‘Sleepwalker’ and ‘Never Walk Alone’.

“To the ten guests that joined me today, thank you for the love and support, regardless of how long, because we really only have just this moment, don’t we? Please let us know you made it home safe, and we will be sending the photos of all of us hanging out together to our beloved webmaster to forward onto all of you.

“And to the people suggestion leaks or whatnot, I’ll make you a deal, beat me and you can do it, k? That’s what I thought!”

Fucken hell, Mustaine must have taken the wrong pills that day! He’s all…HAPPY!!!??? If anyone actually bothered to read that you get the honour of checking out a clip of Megadeth playing “GearsofWar” live on October 31, 2006 at Six Flags in Springfield, Massachusetts posted online at Enjoy!

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