New Hammerfall video clip

Make sure you go and check out Hammerfall‘s new clip for ‘Natural High’, which is the first single for their latest album “Threshold“. The clip can be seen on Youtube by clicking HERE.

According to Hammerfall‘s founding member/guitarist Oscar Dronjak, it was drummer Anders Johansson‘s idea to release the song as a single. When he heard the song with vocals for the fisrt time he said “This HAS to be the single. I didn’t feel that at all in the beginning, and it took me a while to get on his side, but now I’m positive that we made the right decision.”

“When all the vocal parts came together, it was the best choice,” added vocalist Joacim Cans. “Every part is very catchy: the verse, pre-chorus, chorus, the bridge, the solo. Everything is there for a reason. It has good continuity.”

You’re a absolutely right Joacim! Although your English leaves much to be desired. You are ‘one of the best metal vocalists in the world’.

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