Atreyu ‘Best Of’ collection

That’s right kiddies, everyones favorite makeup metal band Atreyu are releasing a ‘Best Of’ collection (’Natch). And no, this isn’t a joke. The tracklisting is as follows:

01. Lip Gloss And Black
02. Ain’t Love Grand
03. Living Each Day Like You’re Already Dead
04. A Song For The Optimists
05. Deanne The Arsonist
06. Tulips Are Better
07. Someone’s Standing On My Chest
08. Bleeding Mascara
09. Right Side Of The Bed
10. You Eclipsed By Me
11. The Crimson
12. Demonology And Heartache
13. My Sanity On The Funeral Pyre
14. Creature
15. Untitled Finale
16. Ex’s And Oh’s
17. Shameful
18. The Theft

There you have it. 18 timeless classics for all the family. The cd will be released in January ‘07 through Trustkill Records.

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