Killyourstereo and Punkhardcore Australia Unite and Punkhardcore Australia have joined forces to create a brand new site incorporating news, reviews, forums, competitions, a store and a whole lot more.

The new site allows new and existing Punkhardcore and users access to all areas through one simple login. Current users will be prompted to select a username the next time they login.

Users are free to regularly check out and use any parts of the site they wish, if you want to check out the store that’s cool but if you don’t that’s cool too.

The new site also incorporates a new feature called ‘Scene Points Auctions’ where users who have made purchases from the store and earned scene points will be able to use these scene points to bid on cool prizes. Each Auction will last a couple of weeks and there will be no other way to get your hands on the auctioned items.

The new site will keep the name and address but you will be able to access it from also.

If you have any feedback or questions please let us know by emailing

We hope you like!

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