From autumn to ashes vocalist departs

It seems that From autumn to ashes frontman Ben Perri has decided to call it quits on from autumn to ashes, after only singing a couple of songs at the melbourne hifi show Perri wanted no more. Drummer/co-vocalist had this to say on the matter

“There has obviously been a monumental change in From Autumn to Ashes and I am sorry for not explaining it sooner. I want to give you an accurate account of what happened but it is important that I do so without saying negative things about Ben or mentioning anything about his personal life. Even though he left this band in a most inconsiderate manner I will show him the courtesy that a “friend” of seven years deserves.

Even though Ben obviously doesn’t care about us or any of his fans I truly hope he finds happiness with whatever he plan s on doing. Parts of him will be missed very much”

Francis Mark has taken on vocals and will be releasing some mastered work soon.

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