New Throwdown album

The lads in straight-edge metalcore band Throwdown are currently at home writing new material for their 5th full length effort “Venom and Tears” to be put out through Trustkill Records. Producer Mudrock (AVENGED SEVENFOLD, GODSMACK, POWERMAN 5000) has been selected for the job and the band had this to say:

“We’re actually still writing this thing and are having a great time doing so. We’ve got around 26 ’songs’ that are in various forms and stages from ‘all fuckin done’ to ‘well, I’ve got this one riff that’s pretty sweet.’ . . We’ll be heading into the studio to record the aforementioned sometime in late January/early February with the almighty Mudrock. His friends call him ‘Mud‘ but let’s be honest…a dude with a name like that doesn’t have a ton of friends. We, however, love the guy and are excited to ‘cut a record’ as they say (I dunno if ‘they’ really say that anymore or who ‘they’ even are really). We’re pretty sure he’s excited too so we don’t have to worry about him playing Nintendo in the middle of tracking or anything like that.”

The album is expected to be released mid 2007.

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